Introducing our plan

Welcome to Warwickshire County Council's One Organisational Plan. In this plan we set out our core purpose and desired outcomes ensuring we focus on the services we can afford both now and in the medium term.

Our first One Organisational Plan covered the period 2014 - 2018 and on 2 February 2017 Warwickshire County Council agreed a revised plan to take us from 2017 - 2020. More information about our updated plan will be available here in coming weeks.

Warwickshire County Council will be an organisation that can develop and sustain a society that looks after its most vulnerable members, that delivers quality services at the right time, and seeks opportunities for economic growth and innovation.

For the foreseeable future local government does not have the money it previously had to spend on services. We will be responsible and present an honest and realistic picture to the people of Warwickshire about the challenges that lie ahead and your local elected members will continue to support our communities in meeting these challenges.

Like local authorities up and down the country, Warwickshire County Council continues to face extreme financial challenges. Reductions in Government grants, inflation and demographic pressures mean the council must identify savings amounting to around £67 million by 2020.

Warwickshire County Council has been very successful at managing its finances well in the past. The Council has a strong track record of delivering savings, making efficiencies and transforming our services within our available resources. Given the County Council has no overall political party in control and despite our political ideologies, we will always have the best interests of our communities at heart and by working together, we will continue to successfully manage all our resources.

Delivering savings on this scale is a huge undertaking, but by taking difficult decisions and putting ourselves in a financially sustainable position, whilst at the same time investing in Warwickshire’s future, the County Council can together, successfully meet this challenge.

 Cllr Izzi SeccombePriorities

Cllr Izzi Seccombe

Leader of Warwickshire County Council


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