One Organisational Plan timeline

September 2013: Leader's statement

At the meeting of full council on Thursday 26 September 2013, Cllr Izzi Seccombe made a statement outlining the direction of travel for the council and its budget proposals for 2014 – 2018.

A transcript of this speech is available in the council meeting minutes (pages 3 - 7)

Minutes of the meeting of Warwickshire County Council held on 26 September 2013 ¦ pdf, 170kb

Information and updates about the savings proposals were released in our Shaping the Future publication

Shaping the Future Issue 1 - September 2013 ¦ pdf, 1.86mb

Issue 1 summarised the scale of the financial challenge faced by the county council and what would happen over the subsequent months.

October/November 2013: Let's Talk

The Let's Talk public roadshows launched in October 2013 and were held in public venues including libraries and shopping centres across the county. The roadshows provided an opportunity for members of the public to talk to the Leader of the Council and members of Cabinet about the scale of the financial challenges faced by the counciil

Let's Talk roadshow dates and venues ¦ pdf, 2mb

An online budget calculator tool was also launched in October 2013. This tool enabled residents to suggest how they thought money could be saved. 

December 2013: Let's Talk summary report

A report summarising the findings from Let's Talk and the budget calculator was considered by Cabinet at their meeting on 12 December 2013.

Budget engagement feedback report ¦ pdf, 330kb

6 February 2014: Budget resolution agreed

On 6 February 2014 Warwickshire County Council approved its 2014/15 budget and medium term financial plan, setting out how the council will save £92m over the next four years. 

Issue 2 of Shaping the Future was published following the agreement of the budget

Shaping the Future Issue 2 - February 2014 ¦ pdf, 1.36mb

25 February 2014: One Organisational Plan agreed

On 25 February Warwickshire County Council approved the One Organisational Plan 2014-18.

Minutes of the meeting are available here (pages 8 - 9)

Minutes of the meeting of Warwickshire County Council 25 February 2014 ¦ pdf, 6.5mb

The final plan is available here:

Warwickshire County Council One Organisational Plan 2014 - 2018 ¦ pdf, 5.31mb

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